Hello to Burton Scouting –

To all members and supporters of Burton Upon Trent Scout District.

I am posting my first blog as your new District Commissioner and want to cover a few things which are important and which you may want to ask about. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all soon!

So – firstly I want to say how much we owe to Rae our outgoing DC – for all he has put in to the District – our District – your District to ensure Scouting has flourished and progressed over the last 10 years. I worked with Rae when I was here as ADC Scouts and he was an excellent GSL with plenty to offer the wider District. I know he will still be an active member of the District and the Campsite will be where he will focus his support and volunteering now. Thank you Rae.

Next a few words about myself. I have come back into Scouting after a number of years but where I have been involved with other community and outdoors charitable membership groups. I hope that Scouting can benefit from some of my experiences and background. I was previously a GSL and then ADC Scouts here in Burton, as well as stints as ADC Venture Scouts & ADC Community Development elsewhere.

I want to ensure Burton Upon Trent Scout District takes forward the challenges of development. Rae has briefed me on the progress of a new Group that is to start with a broadly Muslim community focus that will increase the appeal and inclusiveness of Scouting. Scouting is very popular and regarded highly in many countries around the World and we need to provide opportunity to accommodate the cultures that we see here in Britain in the 21st Century.

Our Chief Executive Matt wrote recently about what had surprised him most about Scouting since becoming CE. He said it was the sheer number of ways we are delivering Scouting where it is needed most. I would say it has had diversity of delivery in Burton for many years but there is still much we can do to improve the numbers of our youth members and our adult volunteers. He wrote also about seeing how Scouting methods are used in Newcastle upon Tyne to reach and engage with disaffected young people.

Scouting has so much to offer and by looking at how we grow we can continue the success. We are working on increasing the diversity and the inclusion of members from every possible part of society because Scouting should have no boundaries if participating members and supporters can accept our ethos, our vision and our goals.

As your new District Commissioner I can assure all members of this great youth movement I will aim to support you all in your Scouting. The look and feel of Scouting is never the same in two Scout Troops or two Beaver Colonies nor in two Scout Districts or Counties. I want to have as diverse a range of Scouting as the community here brings with the differences that make Burton Upon Trent Scout District unique and special.

Together we will be able to deliver the 2014 -18 Scouting Strategic Plan where members both Youth and Adult can have the best from Scouting.

I look forward to working with you all at every level, in supporting Scouting throughout the District.

Graham Rothery

District Commissioner Burton Upon Trent

January 2014

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